Privacy Policy

This page of our website contains information that is designed to help you understand how your privacy may be affected by visiting any of our website's pages at Due to the importance of your personal privacy, please take the time to read and ensure that you clearly understand the following before you determine whether or not to use this website and browse the pages found therein.

Information collected:

Log files: So that we can improve the usability of our website and make improvements to other aspects of our website for the benefit of our users, and to help us further understand the needs of our visitors, certain non-identifiable information may be gathered by way of a third-party tracking service, or by using an on-site tracking solution. The information that may be gathered by these tracking tools may include, but is not limited to the following: information about the length of your visit, your IP address, pages that you visited, exiting and referring pages, country of origin, OS information, clicks, hovers and scrolling data (for heat maps), details about your web browser (including which browser and its version number),and date/time information.

Cookies: When you browse through the pages found on our website and click on download links, a cookie may be placed on your computer for either one or all of the following reasons: 1. Tracking cookie: tracking cookies help us keep track of how users interact with our website, and this information can be used to improve user satisfaction with our website, as well as the effectiveness of our website. These cookies also help us to keep careful track of whether or not you purchased a piece of software through any of the download links found on our website. This information is critical for us, as we receive a sales commission on purchases made through download links found on our website. 2. Session ID cookie: This type of cookie is designed to help you both use and navigate our website in a faster and easier method than would otherwise be possible without a session ID cookie. Please note, however, that we never link between any of the cookies found either on our website, on an external website, or on your computer, and that any of the personally identifiable information you input on our website while browsing the pages of this website is never shared with other parties.

(A note about cookies: usually, cookies are stored on your computer through your web browser, and can be manually removed. Although each web browser involves a different cookie removal process, this can be achieved in Internet Explorer by opening Tools, clicking Internet Options, and then selecting the option to Delete Cookies.)

Because our website contains links to third-party websites, as well as websites that contain software downloads, we strongly recommend that you only make use of these websites and downloads after reading and clearly understanding their privacy and other legal policies. This is because while we control the privacy and other legal policies of this website, we do not control those found on other, third-party websites. Further, please be aware that while the administration staff of this website does everything that it can to ensure that both our website, data, and the information you have provided to us remains safe and secure, we are not foolproof to hackers or other criminal elements that may seek to obtain such information, and as such we make no claims whatsoever that information will not be leaked or compromised in the event of an attack or through other illegal means. However, please be aware that we will never sell, rent, or otherwise distribute any of the information provided by you to our website with any external, third-party website, individual, or institution.

Also, please note that we reserve the right that under certain circumstances, such as when required by law to do so, or if we have compelling reason that such a disclosure is required to protect ourselves from legal actions, that we may disclose any and all information that is required, but only to the necessary extent.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, our disclaimer, our Terms and Conditions, or any other aspect of this website, please visit our contact page.