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We are no one out of this world, just a bunch of computer repair guys that want to help regular people make updating their drivers – an easier and a much more fun task. During our day-to-day work we noticed that most of our customers were sufferers of viruses, spywares and malwares etc, that many times where a direct result of installation of unauthorized device drivers, downloaded from unofficial and trash websites.

There are so many people out there making fool out of those who barely know anything about computers. Their negligence works well for the hackers. To save our clients from being victimized and to make their lives easier for them, we decided to come up with an unbiased podium which provides open and truthful reviews. That is how, this site evolved.

We promise to give you honest reviews

Providing you with the most truthful and honest reviews on the web, is our objective. We are not merely saying it, but we did a lot of hard work actually to fulfill what we say. We searched for every driver update tool available online that has been rated good. We made use of our expertise and set aside eight computers to test different driver update tools on them. We tested the tools and documented the test results. At the end, we made a comparison of all the test results and found out the best among them.(Disclaimer: please understand that our views are always OUR views and should never be considered as facts or professional advice).

To keep things clear, we want to tell you that we get a small amount of commission against every product which is sold from our site. This amount makes up for our operating cost of buying the software, testing it to give you its honest review, maintaining our website, and continuing to assist you with the truth. You may also find some other websites like ours, but, they prop up every product which gives them much profit and we promote the best of all the products. This is because we are here to help you as computer repair guys, and we will never feel good with ourselves promoting trash products that we wouldn't use ourselves.

Give us your feedback

To drive things towards better, we highly expect your views and opinions. kindly share your thoughts with us. If you have tried Driver Genius, we'd appreciate it if you let us know about your experience too. You can also write a testimonial for us.

We always welcome your suggestions, views, opinions and testimonials. You can also recommend any improvements that can be made to Driver Genius. We are not the developers of this software, but we can bring your advice to their notice.

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