Common problems with finding drivers online

While useful, Internet is still dangerous place. Both beginners and IT professionals often fall prey to scams and virus infections while searching for drivers online. Fools learn on their own mistakes, smart people learn on other people. That's why we've assembled this list of common problems related to searching drivers.

  • Wrong model number. We repeat it for yet another time – it is essential to type model number correctly. Otherwise you will get wrong drivers and big troubles. Read our other articles for more info on this topic.
  • Untrustworthy websites. These are sites that pretend to be official hardware portals. Classic example of fake site is – . This looks like popular singer's homepage but there's one extra 'i' in the address. Typing this one wrong 'i' will lead you to the lair of Internet's worst phishers. The same is true for every website type, including driver sites. So watch what you're typing in that address bar!
  • Fake entries in file sharing networks. This is generally same type as previous paragraph, we just wanted to draw your attention to the fact that file sharing networks are VERY unreliable. Eight of ten files are either viruses or just not what you were looking for. Unlike public file directories, there's no moderator to supervise uploads, so scammers found their way of fooling most of torrent rating systems, so that you can never tell who's fair man and who's bandit.
  • Trash the trash. There are many so-called 'noname' devices. These are cheap and made by some unrecognized Chinese or Taiwan manufacturers. Sometimes these 'companies' steal names of popular brands, or make their own names similar to these. The package usually lacks warranty and proper documentation. And what's worse, it is simply useless to find their drivers, especially for old devices. The company may be already closed or never exist. Surprisingly, there ARE search results for 'noname' model numbers but they usually lead to scam sites. Even if you manage to find what looks like driver for your cheap noname card, installing these drivers may ruin your system and even damage your data. There's no way of solving these problems other than trashing this cheap crap and getting branded product with warranty and ongoing customer support.