Common problems with finding drivers online

While useful, Internet is still dangerous place. Both beginners and IT professionals often fall prey to scams and virus infections while searching for drivers online. Fools learn on their own mistakes, smart people learn on other people. That's why we've assembled this list of common problems related to searching drivers.

How to improve video performance without buying new video card

Your video card is a bit outdated but you don't feel it like upgrading right now. Is there any way to improve video performance without buying new video monster? Yes, there is.

Modern video drivers try to sacrifice graphics quality to video performance. Sometimes their attempts go beyond the point where games run fast but there's just no fun playing due to poor graphics. For most gamers, it is better to find their own balance between speed and neat picture.

Updating Video Drivers

Are you experiencing slow graphics, game crashes, or other video problems? All these are likely to be caused by outdated drivers. Updating video card drivers is first step to solve your problems.

Most of modern gaming-grade video cards are built on either NVidia or ATI chipset. No matter who's nominal manufacturer, you probably use either of these two. To determine which one:

Getting the Most Out of Your Computer Part 1: Add/Remove Programs and Task Manager

During these tough economic times, it's difficult to justify outright replacing computer hardware that still works, but works much more slowly than you would like. Thankfully, there are a number of both free and inexpensive things that you can do to make sure that your computer works as quickly and effectively as possible.

Getting the Most Out of Your Computer, Part 2: External Hard Drives, Driver Updates, and MSCONFIG

In our last article about getting the most out of your aging computer, we explained how to uninstall programs taking up valuable hard drive space through Add/Remove Programs, as well as how to free up other system resources by using the Task Manager. However, sometimes those won't quite be enough to get the speed you need from your computer.

Getting the Most Out of Your Computer Part 3: Cloud Apps and Updated Drivers

Because buying a new computer isn't exactly within reach for most of us, getting the most out of the computer we have is critically important - especially if you need your computer for work or school. In our last two articles, we looked at how to free up system resources by uninstalling unnecessary programs, shutting down unneeded processes, moving non-programs to external hard drives, and even changing the startup conditions of your computer. In this article, we will take a look at how you can even further speed up your computer by keeping your drivers updated and by utilizing the cloud.

How to Install a Sound Card

While most computers have a sound card built directly into them, these are often inadequate for anything but the most basic of audio quality. In order to get the most out of the sound, music, and other audio capabilities out of your computer, a higher end sound card is necessary. A sound card can add not only significantly higher quality audio and music through surround sound and other specifications, but can also provide MIDI input lines, microphone input lines, and a variety of other types of hardware interface devices.

Installing a New Video Card

Whether you're a die-hard gamer or a casual web user, upgrading the video card in your computer can be one of the most cost-effective methods of increasing the performance of your computer. Because everything from Youtube videos on the Internet to Windows Aero make direct use of your video card, ensuring that it is up to date can guarantee the highest level of effectiveness from your PC.

More about Windows 7 Update

Drivers are very important to make sure that your operating system is in perfect sync with your hardware devices. Driver is the software that facilitates the communication between the OS and the hardware devices.

Issues with Window 7 update tool

The driver update tool in Windows 7 is set to receive automatic updates. As per these settings, the OS would check for updates and would install them automatically, when the computer is online.