Fix all driver issues within minutes

Whatever computer system you own, either a desktop or a notebook, you would definitely have experienced running into troubles arising due to outdated device drivers.

Instead of wasting precious time on useless manufacturer websites, trying to hunt down very specific drivers to match your very specific hardware device models and windows version, You can now update all missing drivers with a click of a button and free yourself from the hassle and risk of trying to do it alone.

After a thorough research and a close lookup on 8 different driver update utilities that were heavily advertised online - we finally found an automatic driver update solution that really worked, AND – was easy to use! It's called DriverGenius.

"Finally – a driver update software that really delivers!"

If you've done some research, you probably found several automatic driver update tools online. Most of them look very professional with sleek designs and nice logos, all of them boast about their features and benefits and tempt you with a free scan. But after looking closely – most of the claims come out to be just an exaggeration of what they can actually do.

Driver Genius does not create a hard sell advertisement only, but also does what it advertises. It scans your computer constantly and locates the outdated, corrupted and missing device drivers. The software fixes the problem by updating or installing the correct, recent and officially certified driver from the manufacturer's site. Driver Genius makes things reliable and safe by automatically creating a restore point and backing up the current version of drivers. The restore point and the back up features are used if anything goes wrong during the update process.

Advantages of Driver Genius

Driver Genius is simple: Updating drivers might become a pain for beginners who do not know much about computers, yet they need an updated driver. Driver Genius is simple to run and execute. It does not put any burden on its users and performs the task on its own.

Driver Genius is reliable: Even if you are a computer expert or a geek, you can still be worried if you have updated the right driver or not. There is a possibility for an oversight and even a computer tech may slip up while updating a device driver. Driver Genius is 100% reliable in this case. Most of the repairmen, technicians, and advanced computer users make use of Driver Genius so as to avoid any mishap.

Driver Genius is quick: It's a world of race. No one will ever want to spend hours and hours online just to search for a device driver. Then, the 'proper' driver download and its 'correct' installation needs much more time. Driver Genius completes every step of 'updating drivers' in less than 2 minutes, saving all of your time that you would have spent in updating drivers manually.

Driver Genius is safe: Driver Genius only downloads and installs 'official' device drivers available at the manufacturer's site. Official drivers do not pose threats of viruses and malwares to your computer. Additionally, to be on the much safer side, Driver Genius keeps a backup of the current driver before installing the new one.

Driver Genius is performance enhancer: Devices are constantly upgraded with newer and better technological advancements and improvements. Manufacturing companies strive hard for better and competing products so their end users can get most out of them. Driver Genius makes it sure that all the drivers present in a computer system are up-to-date. This enhances the performance of that device by increasing its speed, adding more capability of doing work, incorporating security features, and improving the ability to fix bugs.

Sum and substance – the upshot

Driver Genius has gone through thorough and careful testing by many different independent parties several times. Almost every time, the software has received an award. It stands prominent and at the winning step after having survey results and reviews by PC experts, technicians and the outcome of the tests performed by the independent parties. It makes it very difficult for other driver update utilities to compete with Driver Genius. We loved this tool. And we think you'll love it too.

Please let us know if you find an even better driver update utility. We will gladly review it and post it here if it'll prove to be a winner.